Fragility is a fast-paced agile first-person shooter
based on Red Eclipse 1.6

Download Fragility 1.6 stable Updated: 2023-08-27

Download Fragility 1.7 development version Updated: 2023-08-27

Which version should I choose?
Version 1.6 has the same online behaviour as Red Eclipse 1.6 and Blue Nebula. Version 1.7 is currently compatible too but has some bigger changes that may cause a little different behaviour in some places.
What operating systems can I use?
There is a Linux and a Windows version included in the zip file.
Why the name "Fragility"?
The name is a combination of what this game is mostly about: fragging and agility.
Where can I get the source code?
The source code is included in the zip file with the game.