This website is about us. Not just me because you are here too now. Our lives have just come together into one point, not in space or time but in the space of things and ideas.

Before I tell you more, I want you to be able to respond to anything you find here or talk to me about anything else. My name is Robert and the domain is and that is how you send emails to me.

I enjoy programming. I have written the server program that delivers this website for example and I have made a few other useful tools that I can show you if you like. Let me show you a game. This game has gone from developer to developer through many years and turned into a few different games along the way. I currently maintain my own reincarnation that I call Fragility. We should play this game.

Let us close with a story...

The Story Of Zu

Zu died, and so did everyone else that he knew. The reason was that they had done wrong. What was wrong? What could they possibly have done that caused them all to die?

Zu was a very rational and intelligent creature before he died. He knew exactly what was best for him and every decision he made was carefully thought through. He could never have made a mistake so great that there was no greater mistake that could be made.

The survivors that heard the story were not impressed by the intelligence and rationality of Zu. They knew that there was one much greater intelligence, that Zu's own could not compare with. They knew that there was one thing that Zu's brain could not do. It was to believe the unbelievable, the thing that was so obviously not true. The thing that would have saved him.

The Great Intelligence, The Great Being, did not live inside any creature but was a separate being, yet inside everybody. Some said it did not exist. But because the whole was greater than the sum of the parts, and The Great Being was no less than the whole minus the parts, The Great Being was greater than zero and therefore it existed. It lived on the beliefs of the people, beliefs such as those that were so obviously not true.

Before he died, Zu had been known to be very knowledgeable and often told the people about The Great Being. He told them it was weak and that everyone would soon be dead. He silently blamed their fate on The Great Being itself. Nothing could be done. Zu knew it was too late. They had to die, and The Great Being would die with them.

To be continued...